I was totally clueless regarding my own finances before I met you. Saving money was all that I know. You have now became my guide when it comes to any financial matters.

– Tan C.W.

Thanks for explaining all the insurance terms and encouraging me to plan ahead for the future. Being new to “adulting”, I had no idea about insurance plans and financial planning, so I am really grateful to have someone I can trust to share with me about all that. Wilson’s patience, honesty and enthusiasm makes the process of buying insurance so much smoother and easier. Push on and keep it up!

– Ivana Chan

Wilson is friendly and has been sharing motivational stories. He is sincere and can be trusted.

He is knowledgeable and approachable. He is patience and answer all my questions.

You can engage him to understand what you lack off and what you need to cover yourselve for you and your family.

Thanks Wilson! 🙂

– Lionel

Wilson is very clear in the products that he is providing. He also has patience to answer all my questons. He tries to understand my needs and provide me with the best recommendation. Each meeting with Wilson is like meeting a friend as we not only talk aboutthe business relationship that we have but also other things in life. I think this is a good way to maintain relationship with his clients as I am not stress or obliged to buy anything from meeting him.

– Ng Shi Hui

I met Wilson at Serangoon Nex Shopping Centre. He was doing his road show with his colleagues. He is friendly and a caring person. He is also kind in sharing his knowledge with me.

– Kingsley

Wilson is friendly and helpful, and will explain the details and benefits of the policies to me clearly. I was not really knowledgeable about how things work and he clearly explained to me. It was a pleasant experience meeting up with him a couple of times due to his friendliness.

– Ollii

The first time I met Wilson was during his door knocking. As usual, people tend to stop communicating after knowing that you are an insurance agent. My family was quite sceptical, but we decided to hear what was available. After hearing Wilson explaining to us about the health insurance plan which was in relation to one of the government health policy during that period, we decided to let Wilson manage the policy for us. From time to time, Wilson will update us on the status of the policy, this gave us a sense of assurance that our policy is in good hands.

There will always be a black sheep in an industry which can ruin the image of it. However, Wilson was able to show us the other side of this industry from the trust through transparency and his work ethic. Going the extra miles and being transparency in terms of his work ethnic and personal relation.

How would you rate about my service to you as your financial consultant out of 10?

9/10 (not full mark because that one mark is to motivate you for excellence)

– Wei Chaai (Client’s son, Student)

I enjoy listening to Wilson’s experiences. They really help me reflect on my perception of things that I do in life. Wilson has a very unicorn-like character and goes out of his way to help his clients and their family. He is very humorous and it is always fun and inspiring to converse with him. #unicornFC

How would you rate about my service to you as your financial consultant out of 10? 


– Wai Kaijing (Accounts Executive)

Wilson is a great listener and cater to most of my needs concerning insurance. Wilson offers plans that are relevant and does not hard-sell it. He also explains the plans in details and make sure that it is clearly understood. He is also available for a conversation at any time of the day and is always friendly all the time.

How would you rate about my service to you as your financial consultant out of 10?


– Nureen (ICT Executive)

Wilson is very generous in sharing his experience and knowledge not just in the industry but in life generally. I’ve learned a lot and received good advices to apply in life. The greatest takeaway is his generousity to share, attention to listen and time for building quality friendship. The two things I like about his services that are different from the rest is his genuine concern for client and want the best for them and his openness to share more apart from only focusing on closing the deals.

How would you rate about my service to you as your financial consultant out of 10?


– Matthias (Bank Ops Executive)